A little appliqué after a hectic week

Today was the first chance I’ve had since Monday to get any sewing done.  You know how some weeks are.  So, today I decided to relax for a while and do some appliqué.

I really like hand appliqué, especially red and green, album style appliqué.  I’m working on the Benjamin Biggs quilt, an online block of the month.  I am, of course, several blocks behind!  I finished the second block this afternoon.  

Benjamin Biggs quilt, block 2

Benjamin Biggs quilt, block 2

 Here’s the first block; I started it soon after it was released, but fell behind after that.  I’m really going to make an effort to catch up and stay up to date with this project as I think it’s a beautiful quilt and really want to finish it.  Maybe blogging about it will keep me motivated to stay on track!

Benjamin Biggs quilt, block 1

Benjamin Biggs quilt, block 1

I’m going to skip ahead to the current block, # 8, so I feel like I’m keeping pace with everyone else working on this quilt and hopefully work on blocks 3 through 7 over the next couple of months.  

I printed out the pattern for block # 8 earlier this afternoon and taped it all together.  The plan now is to trace it onto the fabric tomorrow morning.  I’m going to use the back basting method of appliqué for this block as I find it’s the easiest kind of appliqué to do in a moving car or train.   We are having lunch tomorrow with some relatives in town from Florida so I’ll have a couple of hours in the car tomorrow afternoon to sew as we travel back and forth from my mother’s house.  Maybe I’ll bring it with me on the train next week so I can work on it during my commute, but sometimes the trains are just too crowded for sewing. We’ll see how it goes.  

I also did some work on my Dear Jane blocks last Monday at our monthly meeting, hopefully I’ll have some time soon to get my photos organized on the computer and can post an update.  

Until then, happy sewing everyone!

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