Back basting Benjamin Biggs, block 8

I have never really warmed up to the back basting method of appliqué.  I’m not sure why, other than maybe the fact that it is a lot of work and basic needle turn appliqué works fine for me.  But I have to admit, for accurate placement of many pieces, back basting can’t be beat.  As this block has a lot of small pieces, it seemed a good candidate for back basting and I figured it was time to give the technique another try.

One thing I have to take into consideration when back basting is that I don’t have a light box so that means I have to trace the design onto the back of the fabric during the day when i can tape it to the back door.  I probably should just break down and get a light box, but I don’t really have the need for it that often and it would just take up space I don’t have.  So, last Sunday, I got up early and taped the pattern and fabric to the back door and traced the design on to the back side of my background fabric.  

I didn’t have a lot of time this week for sewing, but I made a real effort to find a few minutes here and there, and it paid off.  I finished basting all the bottom layer pieces to the front and have appliquéd a few in place.  If the weather improves, I’ll take this to the beach tomorrow and work on it there for a while.  I’d really like to get all eight sets of leaves and the four stems done this weekend.  

Benjamin Biggs, block 8 in progress

Benjamin Biggs block 8 in progress

After the leaves and stems are finished, I have to do the red flowers, which have a lot of curves.  Hopefully, I will stay motivated and keep working on this over the next few days.  It would be great to be finished with block 8 before block 9 is released!  

I’ll be back with an update soon, have a great weekend!

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