Savoring These Last Few Days of Summer

I was lucky enough to be able to take a few days off from work last week and relax.  We didn’t travel anywhere.  Just went to the beach (we’ve had gorgeous weather for end of summer), did a few things around the house and of course, I did some sewing!

I can’t say enough how much I love the portability of EPP.  I can prep my pieces ahead of time and even when I’m rushing, I can usually find time to quickly glue baste a few shapes.   I have been able to make progress on my star quilt that would not have been possible with hand or machine piecing.  I sew on the train, at the beach, in the car (when I’m a passenger!), and while waiting for appointments.  I don’t use pins at all when I EPP; I glue baste the pieces and hold them together with small butterfly clips from office supply stores, so I don’t have to be concerned about dropping pins, or worse leaving them where unsuspecting people may sit or step on them.  I use ziploc bags for EPP when I go to the beach, so no worries about getting my pieces wet or dirty.  It really is amazing what can be accomplished in only a few minutes here and there.

I have been stitching the star blocks into columns and then stitching the columns together. into two sections.  Once I add the final blocks to the bottom, then I’ll sew the right and left sections together.  Here’s what my star blocks are looking like now.

Star quilt blocks joined 9-13-15

Star quilt blocks joined 9-13-15

I really have to start planning borders and binding.  And, as much as I love this project, I can tell I’m reaching that point where I’m ready to start something else!  So, I finally took the plunge and started my first rosette for the La Passacaglia quilt.  I’ve had the book for ages and my local quilt shop started a class/group once a month and I just had to sign up!

Right now, I’m working on a Christmas themed rosette.  I have some Christmas fabrics in my stash I’d like to use and I found a few new Christmas fabrics to buy for this quilt.

Start of Rosette # 1 - La Passacaglia

Start of Rosette # 1 – La Passacaglia

I’ve stitched together the red center star and the five yellow diamonds surrounding it.  I’m having a hard time with the yellow.  I’m determined not to make this a red and green Christmas colored quilt/wall hanging.  I want some other colors in there so I’m trying to build on any other colors I find in my Christmas prints.  There are some yellow stars in both the red center print and the green outer print so hopefully by the time I make a few more rosettes, the yellow diamonds won’t stand out so much!  But first I have to sew all those green Santa pentagons together.

I don’t think I’m going to make the entire La Passacaglia quilt in Christmas fabrics, however.  A Christmas wall hanging, or even a pillow if I run out of time, will give me enough practice with these shapes and design possibilities to figure out how I want to make a full size La Passacaglia quilt.

Hope you all are having a great week.  I’m linking up with the Monday Star Count over at Life Under Quilts.

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5 Responses to Savoring These Last Few Days of Summer

  1. vivjm says:

    I love the portability of EPP too – although the process is slow, it’s amazing how much you can get done by doing little and often. I love your stars quilt & your La Passacaglia rosette is such fun!

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  2. Kathy says:

    We’re here at the beach, and I’m having a wonderful time working on my EPP … plus it gives me something to do in the evenings here in the condo while DH watches a little TV.

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