Monday Star Count – August 10, 2015

After not doing much EPP last week, I got back to it today. I got organized last night and started stitching them together on the train to work and then again on my lunch hour.  Most days, I just don’t have time to sew on my lunch hour, but it was quiet enough in the office and nice enough outside that I sat outside to eat and sew.  I could get used to that!

I’ve finished 56 of these star hexagon blocks, but may add a few more depending on my final layout.  I decided to go with a random layout, not in color order.

Assembling the Blocks

Assembling the Blocks

For now, I’m going to continue sewing a few together at a time and will decide on a final layout later.  I’m linking up with Life Under Quilts for the Monday Star Count.

Have a great week!

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7 Responses to Monday Star Count – August 10, 2015

  1. Pamela says:

    Great progress. I like the light and dark in each star.

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  2. Christine M. says:

    I love all the bright solid colors!

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    • Maureen says:

      Thanks, Christine – I’ve always loved bright color! Took me a while to discover I like solids, but now I love working with them, especially simple geometric shapes.


  3. vivjm says:

    Lovely! Look forward to seeing how you put them all together!

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