Back to My Blue Lone Star

As I’ve been reading various posts this week about getting back to UFO’s and first finishes of 2015, I realized I have way too many WIP’s.  So, I dug out my partially finished Lone Star and decided to get serious about finishing it.  This Lone Star is the result of a class I took to learn how to draft patterns.  I blogged about it in September when I started it; details on my process are here.

Over this past weekend, I cut out more of the blue diamond pieces, being careful to cut the right number of the right shade of blue.  I was glad that I took the time back in September to clearly label the various blue fabrics.  It really saved time and potential mistakes when I picked it up again after so many months!

Once I got organized and pinned the rows, it was easy to get back in the groove.  I really do like hand sewing when I have the time.  It’s so relaxing.  But it does take time!

Partially finished Lone Star

Partially finished Lone Star

I finished another two sections and now have six out of eight finished.  Yay!

Although I haven’t done anything in ages on my Love Entwined appliqué, since my Lone Star is a WIP, I’m linking up with Esther’s WIP on Wednesday to see all the beautiful work everyone else is doing.  One of these days, I’ll dig out my Love Entwined and get back to it, but for now I’ll be very happy if I can finish my Lone Star this month!

Hope everyone who is dealing with the brutal cold is staying warm with their quilting!

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