Finding time to sew some stars

It is that time of year again.  I’m always busy at work the closer we get to year end and the holidays are one right after the other. These are good things though.  I have a job that I like (and that pays for my fabric and art supplies!) and while it can be hectic finding time to  celebrate the holidays, I am grateful that I have family and friends to celebrate with.

All of this really doesn’t leave much time for sewing, especially detailed work that requires concentration over long stretches of time.  EPP to the rescue!  I have been making stars like crazy the past few weeks.  They are pretty much instant gratification because they really do finish quickly.  I have started glue basting my fabric to the paper pieces as it is just so much faster.  Once they are basted, they sew together quickly and some nights if I can even attach two pieces together, I consider it a successful sewing night!

I have enough stars completed that I laid out all the pieces finished so far to see how they would look.

star quilt

EPP star quilt layout

This won’t be my finished layout.  I want to include more colors and switch them around, but so far I like the way this looks.  I really like the tumbling block made by the three white diamonds between the stars.  I have to start attaching the white diamonds once I finish each star or I’m going to find myself with all my stars done and a zillion white diamonds to attach at the end.  Hopefully I can find at least a few minutes each day this week to work on these.

I’m linking up with Slow Sunday Stitching and Life Under Quilts – love to see what everyone is working on!

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2 Responses to Finding time to sew some stars

  1. Such a sparkly diamond project…love it!


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