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I have been so busy the past few weeks between work and getting out to enjoy the autumn weather that I haven’t posted anything.  I have been getting some sewing time in here and there though.  I finally finished block # 8 of the Benjamin Biggs wedding quilt.  This block is so pretty, but those four flowers in the center were tough!  I probably should have just revised them to have fewer curves, but I really did like the way the block looked as designed, so I stayed with the original.  Despite the challenges, I’m glad I did.

Benjamin Biggs

Benjamin Biggs, block 8

Since I was on a roll, I got started right away on block #9.  When I have more time, I’ll take a better picture.  The color is awful on this one with my basting stitches!

Benjamin Biggs block # 9

Benjamin Biggs # 9

First, I traced the pattern on to the back of the white fabric so I could back baste the pieces in place.  The four stems were appliquéd and then all the leaves basted.  There will be red flowers in the spaces and the same four corner motifs as other blocks will be done too.  I really hope to finish this one soon.  I’d like to get back on track with this project!

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