A few Dear Jane blocks done

There is nothing more motivating than my calendar reminder that the monthly Dear Jane class is approaching to get me sewing.  We meet once a month, and while there are no assignments or obligations, it’s not as much fun if you don’t have anything to show.  And I really want to finish this quilt in the not too distant future (there are so many other projects calling me…).  So, I got working and made these three blocks over the last few days.  This was quite an accomplishment for me as I worked all week and had a guild meeting on Saturday.  To be perfectly honest though, one of the blocks was prepped at last month’s class, so that saved a little time.  And I didn’t cook a thing all weekend – thank you to my family for cooking while I sew!


Dear Jane

Dear Jane E-10


Dear Jane

Dear Jane B-4

Dear Jane B-3

Dear Jane B-3


One of these days, I have to get organized and get these photos into a Dear Jane layout so I can see what they all look like together.  But that’s not going to happen today, time to sign off and get ready for work tomorrow.


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2 Responses to A few Dear Jane blocks done

  1. Paula says:

    Really beautiful blocks, I do love your fabric, very pretty.


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