Drafting Star Quilt Blocks

I spent three Tuesday evenings in August taking a class to learn how to draft quilt blocks the old fashioned way, using graph paper, a ruler and a sharp pencil.  I have EQ7 and know the basics of the software, but I’ve always wanted to know how to draft blocks myself.  First on my list to learn was a Lone Star.

After some measuring, drawing lines (and erasing mistakes!), I drafted an eight point star in a three inch block.  This is the starting point for making a Lone Star.  From this pattern, I have three pieces, 1, 2 and 3.  Piece # 1 is the only template I’ll need for all the diamonds necessary to make my Lone Star.

Draft 8-pt star in 3%22 block-1

Next, I wrote the numbers 1 through 7 on little pieces of white fabric and pinned them to the edges of the blue Kona solid fabrics I am using.  This takes a few minutes, but it is well worth the time.  No matter how much I think I’ll know which blue is which, if they’re not labeled, I’ll likely make a mistake.

Lone Star

Blue Kona solids numbered for Lone Star diamond pieces

I used EQ7 software to draw a Lone Star and color in one of the diamonds with seven shades of blue close to the colors I was using.  They don’t have to be exact, just enough to give me a visual guide as I work.  After printing it out, I numbered the different blues to correspond with my fabrics.  Of course, I could do this with paper and colored pencils, but the computer was faster and the point was to learn to manually draft star blocks, so I didn’t want to spend a lot of time coloring in the diamonds with pencils.  Then I traced my template on the fabrics, numbering them in the seam allowance to ensure accuracy when sewing them together.

Numbered pieces for Lone Star

Numbered pieces for Lone Star

I sewed the diamonds into four rows and then I sewed the rows together for my first of eight diamonds needed to create my Lone Star.  Careful pinning helps me maintain accuracy when I sew them together.  Each of the eight diamonds in my Lone Star will consist of four rows of four diamonds each.

Lone star

4 rows of diamonds

Lone star

sewing rows of Lone Star diamonds

Lone Star

sewing 3rd & 4th rows of diamonds

Lone Star

4 rows of a Lone Star diamond sewn together

I’ve finished four diamonds; I’m halfway done!

Lone Star

4 Lone Star diamonds finished!

It’s hard to tell how nice these diamonds are going to look when the edges are raw, so I put some paper around the edges to get an idea how it will look.  Isn’t this so much nicer?

Lone Star

Lone Star diamond with paper covering raw edges

Now to find some time to sew the other four diamonds!

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3 Responses to Drafting Star Quilt Blocks

  1. knitnkwilt says:

    The blue color palette looks great!


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