At the Beach with Benjamin Biggs

Here in New York, we are enjoying the last few beach days of the season.  Most beaches close Monday, although a few are open for another week.  It’s hard to believe the summer is almost over.  I was able to take a vacation day yesterday, so I have had two glorious days in a row at the beach.  We like to go early as the beach is so beautiful in the morning.  There aren’t many people there yet, perfect to sit with coffee and a bagel watching the seagulls.


Early morning at the beach


I did some appliqué on my Benjamin Biggs block yesterday and today while at the beach, but it wasn’t always easy.  It was pretty breezy out and I’m using silk thread which did get tangled a few times.  Have to remember to use shorter thread lengths with the silk thread!

I doubt I’ll finish block 8 before block 9 is released on Monday, but that’s OK.  I don’t want to rush it and make a mistake and have to rip out stitches.  Better to relax, take it slow, and enjoy the process.  And it doesn’t get much better than sitting back at the beach doing some appliqué.

Benjamin Biggs block 8

Benjamin Biggs, block 8, at the beach

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend!







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2 Responses to At the Beach with Benjamin Biggs

  1. knitnkwilt says:

    Love those blues in the beach photo! I could get used to sewing there!


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